Introduction To Catalogs, Categories & Products Overview

OmniChannel Commerce uses an association of three data groups to determine members of a catalog - catalogs, categories, and products. The categories are the "middle association" that links products to catalogs. This allows greater flexibility in data organization especially for larger multi-channel businesses.

  • Catalogs and categories as the primary tools for organizing products
  • Important tools for managing multiple websites with multiple product lines
  • Tagging products with categories
  • Associating categories to catalogs

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Introduction To Catalog and Category Setup

Catalog & Category Setup

  • Recommended steps for setting up catalogs from scratch
  • Conceptually, catalogs often correlate to the top level menu of the web site, but they don't have to
  • How to add a new catalog in OmniChannel Commerce
  • How to add a new category in OmniChannel Commerce and assign to catalog(s)

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Introduction To Catalog Menu Setup

Catalog Menus Setup - How to create the main site navigation

  • Use the Menu Builder in the Content Management (CM) section of OmniChannel Commerce
  • Create menu links for direct link to catalogs
  • Create custom menu links
  • Use default catalog name or define custom menu item names or both

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Introduction To Product Management Overview

Product Management Overview

  • Access product data from Products on top menu ribbon
  • Define product search filters
  • Build menus
  • Define attributes of products such as add-ons, variants, keywords, policies, manufacturers and more

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Introduction To Supply Chain Overview

Supply Chain Overview - OmniChannel Commerce has a completely integrated set of supply chain functionality

  • Manage vendor accounts - this is where purchase orders are created and managed
  • Review vendor purchase order history
  • View products sold by vendors
  • Set up and manage purchase orders

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Introduction To Taxes Setup General Overview

Taxes Setup Overview - How to set up tax profiles and apply them to sales channels

  • Set up tax agencies, rates and profiles
  • First determine your tax agencies ie. county, state, city taxes
  • Can have multiple tax classes per tax agency
  • Tax profile - add applicalbe region

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Introduction To Promotions & Discounts Overview Part 1

Promotions and discounts can be defined across multiple sales channels, for example physical storefront(s) and web site(s) can share the same promotion groups, but they don't have to.

  • Use Money Central from the Setup menuitem in the top ribbon and choose the discount tab
  • The three primary types of Promotion groups are: Quantity Discount Methods, Promotion Codes, and Order-wide discounts
  • Promotions can be based on sales groups for products or on customer groups
  • Promo codes is the most popular and easy to use method

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Introduction To Promotions & Discounts Overview Part 2

Promotions & Discounts Overview Part 2.

  • How to set up sale groups
  • Discount products by sale group
  • Set up alternative pricing
  • How to enable special pricing for customer accounts

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Introduction To Point Of Sale Overview

POS, or Point of Sale, is where all in-store transactions are processed

  • Access and open cash register(s)
  • Create a new sales receipt
  • Cancel a sales receipt
  • Move cash from the drawer

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Introduction To Money Central Setup

Money Central is where all money, currency, and tax related information is set up for website(s) and point of sale location(s)

  • Setup one or more payment profiles that determine the types of payment you accept
  • Setup merchant credit card and on-line check processors for processing payment on your website
  • Assign a previously created payment profile to each of your sale types (wholesale, retail, domestic, international ...).
  • Setup up one or more tax profiles (the tax someone pays when receiving goods in a particular region and locality).

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Introduction To Payment Processor Setup

Payment Processor Setup

  • Learn how to access Payment Profiles from within Money Central in the Setup area of OmniChannel Commerce
  • Add a payment processor from the list of supported payment gateways
  • Supported payments gateways are:, Global Payment, PayPal Express, PayPal Pro, Moneris, and Stripe
  • Payment Providers each have their own setup credentials which have been integrated into OmniChannel Commerce

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Introduction To Customer Account Features

Customer Account Features Overview

  • Access account management from Accounts -> Accounts Home on top menu ribbon
  • Manage account data such as: name, password, account type, pricing qualification(s), assigned sales rep, email address, company name and more
  • View account groups
  • Search for an account

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Introduction To Email Setup Features

Email Setup Features

  • OmniChannel Commerce supports email features in 2 ways: transactional emails and plugin support for external email programs
  • Set up mail servers and email accounts
  • Create and use custom email templates
  • Need 3rd party email account to set up email features

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Introduction To Reports And Tools Overview

Reports & Tools Overview

  • Health & Activity Dashboard
  • How many active/inactive products
  • Database management tools
  • Tech tools for web site diagnostics for technical staff

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Introduction To Shipping General Setup

Shipping General Setup

  • Global Shipping Setup
  • Shipping profiles
  • Domestic and international shipping methods
  • Setup shipping business rules for special shipping cases

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Introduction To Set Up Shipping Methods & Policies

Set Up Shipping Methods & Policies

  • Relationship between shipping methods, shipping policies and shipping profiles
  • Defining your shipping strategies is a primary setup component to going live with your web site
  • Simplified shipping setup uses default main domestic & intl shipping profile
  • How to enable shipping methods for a shipping profile

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Introduction To Set Up Shipping Provider Accounts

Set Up Shipping Provider Accounts

  • Shipping provider accounts are required to perform basic shipping and to generate shipping labels
  • Use of is common among our customers
  • Integration of shipping accounts within OmniChannel Commerce
  • Set shipping labels and top-up postage

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Introduction To Popular & Most Used Sales Reports

Highlights of some of the popular/most used sales reports
  • Reports and Tools from the main menu in OmniChannel Commerce has the Reports Home where all reports are found
  • Cash Flow Reports - high level view of all sales channels shows all sales activity by sales channel
  • Top Selling Products Report - look at product sales for a specific time period
  • Promo Code Usage Report - Which promotions were most effecitve?
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Introduction To Key Product Reports

Highlights of some of the popular/most used product reports related to data entry and data cleanup for setting up a new online business. Products with missing information in key fields will not display in catalogs by default. These reports help identify such products.

  • Missing Related Products Report
  • Missing Manufacturer Report
  • Missing Product Image Report
  • Missing Product Description Report
  • Missing Department Categories Report

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Advanced Product Management Tools

Product ManagementTools

  • Modify many products at once
  • Develop and use formatting styles for your web site
  • Create and assign attributes
  • Easily make changes to large groups of products

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Advanced Product Management - Product Variants

Product Variants

  • Simple Variants and Complex Variants can be defined
  • When to use Simple Variants and when to use Complex variants - what are the differences
  • Example of clothing product with variants for size
  • A variant is tracked as it's own unique product

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Advanced Manual Order Fulfillment

Manual Order Fulfillment

  • Search the order queue
  • Review order status
  • Load Order Management module
  • Review order summary

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Advanced POS Shipping Holds

Point of Sale Shipping Holds feature allows for an in-store order to be converted to an online order. This can be useful for gift purchases, layaway purchases, or ship to home or third party purchase.

  • In Point of Sale (POS) open a cash register
  • Choose Ship Hold
  • Allows for a POS transaction to convert to an online order
  • Great for in-house orders to be shipped to home or third party drop-ship

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Advanced Website Search Filters

Creation and uses of web site search filters

  • Prerquisite - products must be set up with categories assigned
  • Search groups and subgroups are based on categories
  • OmniChannel Commerce search engine looks at catalogs and products with matching categories to identify search matches
  • Keywords and manufacturer are separate search criteria

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Advanced Returns & Refunds for Online Orders

Processing Returns for Online Orders

  • How to search for an order including completed orders
  • How to void a very recent order that is not in completed status
  • Giving money back to a customer for cash payments
  • Receiving goods back to inventory

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